Rio Palma Lifestyle Resort Community Overview

Running through Rio Palma's 670 acres, the Damas River collects water from a surrounding 770 square miles of land and eight smaller rivers. This water is drawn from a mountainous non-developed national refuge which lies adjacent to the property and a bordering farm which has been part of a U.N. emission trading program for the last 20 years. As a result, pure water runs through the Damas River year round and provides life and nourishment to a variety of flora and fauna, ranging from sloths, scarlet macaws and resplendent quetzals to titi and capuchin monkeys.

Understanding the utmost importance of ecological preservation, the river and the surrounding property exists within a large protection zone - a private park for the community. Residents will be able to experience over four kilometers of river front, unique land formations and the famous "Cuevas Del Damas", a sprawling system of interconnected caves formed from limestone, one of only two navigable cave systems in Costa Rica. A longtime popular destination for local schools and universities, exciting tours will be offered for those who wish to explore the mesmerizing depths of Cuevas Del Damas. Moving out from the river, there is over 250 acres of rainforest which boasts the same variety of life that can be found on the riverbank. In order to preserve this land, more than 35% of the Rio Palma resort community will be dedicated to a private reserve and remain untouched by human hands.

An Ecological Community

In addition to this pristine habitat, there will be abundant space for eco-friendly development in the form of rolling hills and former pasture land. This land is ideal for development and, right from stage one, the Rio Palma resort community is dedicated to being a green community just as Costa Rica has been dedicated to green energy and self-sufficiency through its use of hydroelectric power plants for the past few decades.

Utilizing solar, hydro, and other renewable forms of energy, the Rio Palma resort community will endeavor to provide the cleanest living by minimizing electric consumption. Cutting edge technology, in the form of smart grids and smart lighting, will help to ensure that this goal is achieved and maintained. As the developers will also be planning to live and someday retire within the community, the preservation of this land will be as important to them as it is to the residents. In that spirit, all internal travel will be conducted via bicycles and electric cars in order to reduce the carbon footprint left behind by gas emissions. A regular car can still be used when a resident is traveling out of or into the community, but not for travel within the community. Greywater irrigation assures that nothing goes to waste.


Another important step towards eco-friendly living is the proper optimization of area conditions. Home sites are typically 1.5 to 2.5 acres in size and surrounded by ample green space. This low-density usage ensures that the land will be allowed to flourish. Rio Palma will be developed into 300+ units of lots, homes, and estates. Owners on the property are encouraged to create green biological corridors within their own lots and, in order to facilitate this, a nursery area has been established to provide friendly plant life to populate resident's home sites.

To further ensure Rio Palma's success as a green community, building codes and regulations will be enforced. Some of these regulations will include housing proximity and height limits, as well as style and finish. Up to five styles will be provided for residents to choose from and can be adjusted as required. Garden guidelines will also be provided and front area designs furnished, securing not only the value of residents' investments but also their enjoyment. Currently, there are already 70 segregated large estate homes. These lots are useful for building a single large home and another guest house/care-take home. However, the building of condominiums, commercial ventures, etc. by buyers will be prohibited. In addition to having some of the highest land value in all of Costa Rica, these guidelines guarantee a strong and rewarding investment.

The Finest in Costa Rican Architecture

The master plans for the Rio Palma resort community were developed by the famous Tony Quesada and Arqueco. This company has over forty years of experience in eco-friendly development and, among other projects, developed all of the major parks in San Jose, including the beautiful national plaza by the national theater. They possess the experience and the knowledge, along with a dedication to environmentalism which is a hallmark of the Costa Rican spirit, to ensure that the design of the Rio Palma community resort is equally beneficial to the land, the wildlife, and the people who live in it.

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